What should I pay attention to before teaching you to ride a horse?

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1. Before riding a horse, you must carefully follow the instructions and arrangements of the stables.
Do not do violent or exaggerated movements when approaching the horse. When approaching the horse, approach the horse slowly and naturally from the left front of the horse, otherwise it will easily frighten the horse; also do not approach the horse from the right side or rear of the horse, and do not stand on the horse's buttocks. Behind. Because horses are very frightened animals, they are afraid of invisible things or violent movements, and their instinctive defense is to kick back.
2. Before riding a horse, you should pack your clothes neatly.
It is best to wear tight clothes and shoes when riding. The best shoes are long shoes or sports shoes, which can prevent the ankles from being worn. Clothes, hats and scarves should be tightly tied to avoid being blown by the wind and frightening the horse. Personal belongings are especially easy to be shaken off when the horse is running, broken, and difficult to find when they fall into the grass. 3. If you are riding for the first time, it is recommended that you find a horseman to lead the horse.
A stablekeeper will keep you safe and will teach you the basics of riding a horse.
4. The following preparations should be done before launching:
1. Check by yourself whether the girdle is tight on the reins, girdle, and pedals, and adjust the length of the pedals to suit you. If you can't do it yourself, you can ask the groom to help you solve it.
2. Carefully ask about the characteristics of the grooms and horses, whether the horses have any problems such as stumbles, sudden flashes, and sudden stops.
3. If there is no one to lead the horse when getting off the horse, you have to hold the reins by yourself, and you cannot control the horse well. When getting on the horse, stand on the front legs of the horse, tighten the reins with your left hand, hold the front bridge of the saddle, step on the stirrup with your left foot, and lift your right foot to turn over the horse. If you are not sure, it is best to let the groom help you on the horse.
5. Safety precautions when riding a horse in Beijing:
1. When riding a horse, it is best not to make violent movements on horseback or to exchange things, it is best not to dismount in the middle; also do not take off and change clothes right away, Long Qi is bright clothes; also do not yell to avoid being scared horses.
2. When riding a horse, step on the stirrup with the sole of your forefoot. Never put your entire foot into the stirrup. Otherwise, you will not be afraid of falling off the horse and easily catch your foot on the stirrup, which will cause you to be injured.
3. The reins are the most effective means for the rider to control the horse, so be sure to control the reins well to control the direction and feel the abnormality of the horse. Especially when the horse is going downhill, it is easy to cause the horse to lose its front hooves. In this case, the center of gravity of the body should be leaned back, and at the same time, the reins should be tightened to make the horse stand up quickly. Do not hold the neck of the horse. Increase the pressure gauge on the leg, causing the person to turn on his back.
4. After a horse goes through a stage of activities, the girdle is easy to loosen. If the girdle is not tightened in time, it is easy to cause the saddle to slide sideways and make people fall off the horse.
5. When the horse is running, the rider should use his legs hard, clamp the horse’s stomach while stepping on the stirrup, and at the same time pull the reins with both hands to hold the saddle, and leave the buttocks slightly away from the saddle to avoid falling;
6. When dismounting, it is best for the owner to hold the horse and then dismount. When dismounting, the left foot should be withdrawn from the stirrup to the forefoot of the foot, and then the left hand should hold the reins, lift the right leg and turn over to dismount. Before dismounting, make sure that your left foot can be disengaged from the stirrup.


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