If you hold the reins and perform straight gymnastics

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Grip the reins: Hold a rein in each hand, and the rein goes out between the ring finger and the little finger, clenched in the center of the fist, and the thumb is lightly pressed on it. Let the coach hang a tuner next to the horse's mouth, pull the horse within a range of 15 meters to 20 meters in diameter, and walk around with the coach as the center, and then rely on the coach's whip to control the horse. child's pace and speed. In this way, the rider can concentrate on his posture and movement, and quickly realize the correct feeling.

Horse gymnastics: The purpose of horse gymnastics is not only to relieve the tension of the rider, but also a good warm-up exercise for relaxing muscles. According to the instructions of the coach, on the horseback, do the arms raise, akimbo, stretched legs, turn around, bend knees, touch the horse's ears in front, lift legs, circle the arms back, lie down, lie back, circle the shoulders, etc. When you move, you will feel comfortable all over your body, and the feeling of tension will naturally disappear.


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